Frequently Asked Questions 


I need to contact Alta Rooter. Are you not the same people? 

Alta Rooter is Ollie’s while Alta Rooter 2000 is his brother Mark’s (Markie Mark). They share some equipment but run separate operations, including separate billing, payroll, taxes, and registration. Ollie is a journeyman plumber; Mark is someone who’s just been in the business for a long time because of his brother. Ollie does specialized plumbing work. Mark specializes in drain cleaning. 

How long have you guys been in business?

Forever. Although Alta Rooter 2000 is a separate spin-off, we started in 1993. One can see our ads in newspapers and phone directories going back for over 20 years.

I found somebody that is slightly cheaper. Will you price match?

No. We have been in the industry for so long, we know what all the regular operators charge, should charge, and can charge.

There is always going to be some guy (or girl) who works for a drain cleaning outfit for a bit, then decides “I can do this on my own” and goes out and buys one or two pieces of equipment. Then he decides “I am in business too”.

Not so fast. If you have for example an 2 inch pipe, and “buddy” cleans a blockage in it with a 1/8 inch cable, all he is doing is puncturing a whole in the blockage in order to get it working again. You might have paid a reduced price (you might have been fooled for a higher price) but sooner or later, that blockage gets clogged again and you have to call somebody else to do it properly.

We keep our drain cleaning prices low by having a separate corporate entity that specializes in just this. Therefore our prices are quite reasonable.

Can I use a chemical to clear the drain?

No, no, and again no. All these do is ruin your pipes and make our job more hazardous. If you did use them, please advise our staff before we begin work on your plumbing. There is no extra charge but we will wear added protective equipment.

That being said, there is one product category out there that can be used as a prophylactic treatment to slow down the growth of tree roots in your main sewer line. We experimented with this, sold it for awhile, then discontinued using it. It may make for a good up-sell for companies that operate that way but we don’t. Our belief is a proper cleaning with the right diameter cable, length, and proper bit will do the job and last you for a long time. An enzymatic chemical that retards tree root growth, will work – theoretically. But since your sewer drain is used to flush continuous amounts of water, whatever you put in there eventually gets diluted, you use more and more product, and then eventually come to the conclusion its better to “physically” unblock the obstruction.

Preventative maintenance includes not flushing your greases down the drain. If some does get in, a phosphate based detergent with hot water, flushed down the drain, is something we can recommend.

Do you do video camera inspection?

We can (using the equipment from our sister company Alta Rooter Plumbing and Mechanical) but we don’t stock this equipment in Alta Rooter 2000 vans. The reason is that it is usually unnecessary and a silly up-sell for many companies. If one does job for long enough, one realizes its the same things that keep clogging sinks and main lines – grease and tree roots respectively. After asking some questions, its better to clean the drain first and check for results. 999/1000 it will be fixed this way. The other 0.1% can have serious blockages – collapsed mains, cracked pipes, or….this happens…immovable obstructions such as concrete, sand, grout, etc.

Do you provide paperwork?

Yes. After completion of a job, we will provide you with a receipt that you can use to get reimbursement, whether its from a landlord or municipality.

Can I pay you later?

No. We keep our rates low by avoiding unnecessary labour such as “chasing around waiting to get paid”. Our process is very simple:

- we arrive at job site, diagnose problem, and tell you what it will cost in total
- we fix the problem
- we demonstrate to you as much as you want that it actually is fixed
- we write you a bill and collect on site
- we leave you a receipt and business card

end faq

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