Our company was founded by Olsen (Ollie) Jay in 1993. Ollie worked for the City of Edmonton since 1981. After gaining all sorts of valuable industry knowledge in the “water and sanitation” department, Ollie started his own company, originally called “Drain Aid”. Since Yellow Page advertising at the time was not based on seniority but alphabetical, Ollie decided to start another company and another set of parallel ads, so he choose Alta-Rooter (the Alta part because it started with A and the Rooter part because many drain cleaning companies have this as a suffix). The company was later re-incorporated as “Alta Rooter Drain Aid LTD” and then later “Alta Rooter Plumbing and Mechanical LTD” when it expanded in Calgary and Vancouver in 2002 and also doing more specialized work. For over two decades, Alta Rooter maintained several full pages of advertising in all the main phone directories, such as Yellow Pages. We are no fly by night operator.

Alta Rooter uses Ridgid products for professional results

Hand Tools
Sink Machines
Drum Machines
Sectional Machines

Rodder Machines

Water Jetting Machines

Cables and Tools

**although Alta Rooter uses only Ridgid products, we are not in any way affiliated with the Ridgid corporation