Sewer Cleaning

Is you basement suddenly flooding?

Chances are you have a problem with your main line. It goes by many names, including:

- sewer line

- main sewer line

- main line

- clean out

The usual cause of sewer line blockage is tree root growth.
The point is all drains in your house eventually lead to this one [insert any of the above names/other names] and then they go out to the sewer main which is maintained by the city. If the blockage is on the homeowner’s side, the homeowner is responsible to clearing the obstruction. If the blockage is on the side of the municipality, the municipality is responsible for clearing the blockage. If a third party contractor is used to clear a blockage on the city side, municipalities ‘should’ reimburse the homeowner. Certain municipalities like St. Albert tend to be pretty good about reimbursements (and Alta Rooter can provide you with all the necessary documentation). Others, its sort of like being reimbursed for damages to a car caused by a pot-hole – sometimes you do get a cheque and sometimes you don’t.

Besides diagnosing and fixing the problem, we can also provide you with proper documentation should you wish to be reimbursed. And also, we strive to keep costs lowest for you.

Alta Rooter uses Ridgid products for professional results

Hand Tools
Sink Machines
Drum Machines
Sectional Machines

Rodder Machines

Water Jetting Machines

Cables and Tools

**although Alta Rooter uses only Ridgid products, we are not in any way affiliated with the Ridgid corporation