Sink Unclog

Is your sink not draining properly? (takes too long or not at all)
Is your laundry line (where you washing machine empties out to) overflowing?
Is your bathtub not draining properly?
Is your shower not draining properly?
We can fix these.

Please, please DO NOT use some sort of chemicals that promise to clear your lines for you. They do not work, they ruin your plumbing, and they make our job more hazardous. Neither will the little auger you buy at the dollar store.

If you want to be pro-active, do not discard greases down your drain. Other objects may also clog your drain so use common sense. A phosphate based detergent mixed with hot water can be used once in awhile for preventative maintenance.

If and when you do have a clog in any of your arterial drains (the ones feeding to your main), we can fix those. We have several commercial grade augers for the job, technicians drained to use them, and…we do it every day.

Alta Rooter uses Ridgid products for professional results

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**although Alta Rooter uses only Ridgid products, we are not in any way affiliated with the Ridgid corporation