Our Equipment

Alta Rooter 2000, a subsidiary of Alta Rooter Plumbing and Mechanical LTD, has access to all the tools of its parent company. We are not simply some guy who bought one lousy cable and then tries to use it for all sorts of drain cleaning applications.

If you do go with the ‘one guy with a cable’, be forewarned that this may only provide a temporary fix.

A plugged drain needs to be fully cleaned of what is plugging it, and this requires the proper diameter cable and length. Of you go with the “one guy with a cable”, you are likely to encounter one of two common problems. First, if you don’t use the proper diameter (because either you don’t know what you are doing or don’t have a wide variety of tools), you may get only a temporary fix – puncturing a small hole in the blockage gets it going again but it will soon plug up again (just visualize it). Also, one needs to clean the proper length because if you don’t, the same sort of problem will occur – small blockages eventually obstruct water flow and cause a larger or total blockage. This later part can be avoided by simply using knowledgeable people with proper equipment.

** a proper and sharpened cleaning bit is also crucial
Hand Spinners
Toilet Augers
Cable Rust Inhibitor
K-45 Sink Machine
K-30 Auto Clean Sink Machine
K-7500 Drum Machine
K-400 Drum Machine
K-1500G Sectional Machine
K-50 Sectional Machine
K-1000 Rodder Machine
KJ3100 Watter Jetter
Drum Cables
Drum Cable Tools

Alta Rooter uses Ridgid products for professional results

Hand Tools
Sink Machines
Drum Machines
Sectional Machines

Rodder Machines

Water Jetting Machines

Cables and Tools

**although Alta Rooter uses only Ridgid products, we are not in any way affiliated with the Ridgid corporation