Price List

Many, if not all, companies that do plumbing service calls add on all sorts of ridiculous extra charges to what they originally quoted you. These include:

- dispatch fee

- environmental fee

- disposal fee

- recycling fee

We don’t do that. With us, there is a fixed price, GST is extra, and if you live outside the greater Edmonton area, there is a travel surcharge.

Feel free to contact us for a quote. But here are some examples:

Regular Toilet Unclog > $125
Regular Toilet Install > 125 (includes supplies)
Regular Toilet Service > $75 to $125
Regular Urinal Unclog > $125
Bathtub Unclog > $125
Sink Unclog > $150
Shower Unclog > $125
Laundry Line Unclog > $125

** keep in mind, if more than one of these is blocked up, than chances are it is your main that is blocked, and therefore there is only one charge to unplug that

Main Line Unplug > $200

Sump Pump Replacement > $150 plus cost of pump

Alta Rooter uses Ridgid products for professional results

Hand Tools
Sink Machines
Drum Machines
Sectional Machines

Rodder Machines

Water Jetting Machines

Cables and Tools

**although Alta Rooter uses only Ridgid products, we are not in any way affiliated with the Ridgid corporation